I began my journey into construction in 1976, quite by accident. It was while I was attending U.C.S.B. and majoring in art, that I was introduced to construction through a sculpture class. We were not only asked to create something out of wood, glass, concrete and plastic, we also got to learn some basic skills with tools. I was pretty much hooked form that point on.

Being a woman, I found it difficult, at the time, to find someone who would hire me or teach me anything about construction. I decided to work for free in exchange for learning. I was fortunate enough to be taken on for free by an all women’s crew in Santa Rosa, Ca. to be a laborer in exchange for hands-on experience in house building. From there, armed with a little experience, I returned to Santa Barbara and began finding jobs, starting as a laborer, then an apprentice, carpenter, job foreman, and supervisor. It was after that, in 1989, that I got my contractor’s license.

I started teaching classes through Santa Barbara City College, first just to women who wanted to learn, as I did, the skills necessary to get a job or just work on their homes. Then I began teaching home owners, through a Sweat Equity Program, how they too could learn to be involved in building. Today, when I have the time, I am a volunteer crew leader for Habitat For Humanity. Locke Construction’s work has run the gamut. Working mainly in the private sector, we’ve built homes from the ground up, we’ve added second stories or simply remodeled kitchens and bathrooms or converted garages to living spaces. From historic to contemporary, I’ve built houses as widely diverse as the clients who desire them.

I love working closely with my clients on their projects. Listening to the needs and wishes and watching their visions come to fruition is something that is very important and satisfying to me.